One of the daunting tasks companies have to deal with during the Covid-19 pandemic is the need to have some workers come back to their offices to work and protect them from this virus. Many companies will allow up to 50% of the employees to work from home. Still, companies like Google and Apple have stated that in some cases, especially where hardware engineers need to be together to work, they need to be in the office at times to get their projects done.

Indeed, the trend seems to turn office complexes into hubs that have all types of health safeguards and measures in place to create a safe environment for the workers. Some must be in the office a lot or may need to come in once or twice a week for special collaborative meetings.

That means that many big tech companies, who provide products to IT departments, have become more involved in helping companies prepare workers to return to the office over time. Some of these programs come under what is called Commercial IoT.

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