Cogito Ventures


Accelerating adoption of AI and IOT technology in maturing industries, such as Real Estate, Retail, Transportation and Telecommunications.


Caper brings fully integrated, kiosk-less shopping experiences to grocery stores of all sizes. The product itself is a grocery cart that uses sensor fusion to bring scan-less item identification and tracking, real time inventory updates, in-store navigation and recommendations as well as a fully-functioning checkout feature all at one customer touch point.


Surecave is a company that augments and unifies a segmented, legacy business function of real estate: property management, tenant screening and apartment searching. Surecave’s products bring solutions that are accessible to landlords of any size property to manage their property and related necessary services all in one hub. As well, tenants have access to a simple, transparent and transferrable application process that verifies their eligibility as a renter and reduces redundancy, paperwork and lag between searching, applying and moving into a new apartment.


ACTOApp revolutionizes the sales training process for the medical technologies industry. The app brings tangible and valuable benefits to both sales person and company: The sales person gets access to learning materials, supplementary documents, sales training and two-way communications with their sales team on site, giving them all the support they need to educate and inspire buying confidence with their clients. Meanwhile, the app tracks their progress, automatically correlates success factors with actual selling performance and gives companies a way to measure ROI for the first time ever, even after decades of billion-dollar annual sales training budgets.


AXIS Gear is a home IOT solution that is retrofitted to blinds and shades without tools and within minutes. The Gear is a strong, solar-powered, self-enclosed machine with the torque needed to move even the heaviest of blinds (backed by a money-back guarantee) and connects through Zigbee, Amazon Echo and Google Home as a wireless, touchless remote blind solution that is fractions of the cost of the current alternative – installing brand new “smart” blinds.


FleetOps is a platform that use integrated telematics and machine learning to solve a multi-billion dollar problem in the logistics industry. FleetOps not only optimizes load board processes and functions, but maps the routes to best suit the needs of the drivers, the trucks and the loads themselves to ensure highest level of satisfaction and utilization of fleet transport in North America.


Vivvi is a solution for high-performance companies located in downtown city centers that encounter the crippling problem of talent retention. Due to high labour costs, inconsistent caretaking services, convenience and safety for their children, top developers, salespeople and business leaders decide to move away from the urban core. Vivvi solves this solution by allowing both large enterprise and small businesses to offer child care services for their employees as a benefit in convenient downtown locations, run by education-first professionals that can enrich children’s lives.


Designware is a platform that allows modular, scalable user interface and user experience development by professionals who are looking to bring content ideas to life on multiple screen sizes and operating systems at once. UI/UX developers are incredibly costly to keep in house, and outsourcing the service to developers increases lead times by months due to scope miscommunication. Designware makes making basic interactive features available to those who are less proficient with code, while allowing developers to scale their own small businesses and take on more projects at once.

Investment Philosophy

Cogito Ventures invests in companies that utilize differentiating technologies in IoT and AI with a disruptive business model to accelerate digital transformation in Real Estate, Telecom and Financial Services.


Partners of the Cogito Ventures achieved their success in building successful real estate, financial services and technology companies in Asia and North America.

Value Add

Commercialization – Our partnership with Real Estate, Financial Services and Telecom businesses in Asia and North America offer significant value in market access, validation and technology adoption.


We provide funding support in different growth stages to fulfill growth needs.


LabCogito provides technology development and intellectual property protection to accelerate go to market without unnecessary exposure to IP risks.


Cogito Ventures builds relationships and provide mentorship to startups between seed and series A financing rounds. Our expectation is to nurture technology companies to become prospects of future investments.

Lab Cogito

Lab Cogito is a facility created to support innovative solutions localize their offerings by provide R&D, Logistics and Marketing support through our global ecosystem of partnerships and physical presence in Hong Kong and Toronto.