Cogito Capital’s SPAC Consulting Service assists investment funds, companies and underwriters to navigate the international listing process of launching Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) in Hong Kong, Singapore and US Markets.

Within a rapidly changing SPAC landscape, Cogito Capital’s SPAC Consulting Service brings advisory, networking, and legal services to parties seeking to form a SPAC for listing in Hong Kong, Singapore and US stock exchanges, as well as to companies seeking deSPAC readiness as a potential target for an already listed SPAC.

General SPAC Guidelines and Information:


What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company?


A SPAC is a special formation of company that is publicly listed on a national exchange with the intention of taking funds raised in an initial public offering (IPO) to facilitate a merger or acquisition of one or more private companies. This merger or acquisition event is called the “deSPAC” event, which will effectively convert the SPAC that is traded on the public exchange to the newly formed or acquired company.


Why use a SPAC?


When executed properly, a SPAC can make for a faster, more direct route to the public exchanges than a traditional IPO, with formal roadshows and underwriters. Not to say that a SPAC will not include these events, but the executive team and sponsors may leverage their expertise and network to expedite the process of a target company or companies to achieve public status with less capital and less time commitment. For target companies, the benefit of the SPAC can be that they are able to list for much less capital and dilution than the alternative traditional IPO, they can achieve liquidity and can use the SPAC as a launchpad to deploy in foreign markets.


What are requirements for SPAC?


Each exchange may have their own special requirements for eligibility for a SPAC. Please see or contact your local or target exchange for more information on eligibility and listing requirements prior to making any decisions.