Premise Saas Inc. is powering the drive towards smart buildings, for operational automation and unparalleled tenant experience. In efforts to revolutionize technology deployment within the industry, Premise enables clients to apply an agile approach to optimize processes via small, low-risk services. Delivering short-term return on investments, the firm leverages advanced IoT functionality and utilizes its patent-pending platform technology to help clients weave themselves into full digital operations. Its innovative technology layers multiple sources of data in order to comprehend activity on each floor plate of a building. Combining occupancy sensor data, water valve sensor data, traffic patterns and elevator usage data, the firm provides a visualization of each floor’s happenings to inform high-level decision making. Providing clients access to their own data to build them into successful firms, Premise offers a portfolio of digitized services, such as vendor management, tenant certification tracking and preventative maintenance. Utilizing AI chatbot technology and building detection services, the firm’s software triggers notifications to tenants of issues, such as leaks, while simultaneously generating work orders and alerting building operations. While rapidly deploying technology as a series of micro-services, Premise continues to build its large network of processes while transforming operational functions for building professionals. Strategically using its platform to digitize all processes, the firm unlocks data and collaborates with vendors, as a comprehensive internal and external digital ecosystem. Increasing employee productivity and generating significant returns on investment, the firm sets clients on strategic paths to manage and accelerate innovation.

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