he last time I checked in with a podcast programming update, it was March of last year, I was self-isolating at home, and explaining to you why BetaKit had just relaunched its podcast to talk about COVID-19’s impact on Canadian tech.

Since then, we’ve released 52 episodes of Black Swan. While I think the quality of those episodes has consistently improved, you may have noticed that recent episodes have been a little less… Black Swan-y. Culminating in last week’s episode, which was downright optimistic about 2021!

“There’s an administrative burden to being a public company that I think most private companies don’t necessarily appreciate.”

Now, the pandemic sadly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And that means Black Swan’s dramatic music and my darkest timeline takes aren’t going away, either. But the truth is, there have been a bunch of interesting Canadian tech conversations we’ve avoided recently because they didn’t fit into the Black Swan format. So while Black Swan will be around for “as long as it needs to be,” you’re going to start seeing new content interspersed on the BetaKit podcast channel, and eventually, all those different shows we were planning before we ever heard the term COVID-19.