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Mero Technologies and PremiseHQ SaaS Inc. launch a partnership

Toronto, Ontario - Mero Technologies, a Toronto based IoT company providing smart labor allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers, announced a partnership with PremiseHQ SaaS Inc - a platform centralizing all smart building data systems through...

ACTO acquires CoHealth and further expands their omnichannel strategy within Life Sciences

Congratulations to ACTO for acquiring CoHealth and expanding their education and engagement reach even further within the realm of sciences. A true omnichannel organization. #PowerofONE #lifesciences #acquisition #patienteducation #omnichannel

Caper launches Caper Counter: an AI-driven self-checkout solution

Cogito Ventures portfolio company Caper releases Caper Counter, a machine-vision and AI driven cashier-less solution for retailers looking for fast, low footprint, cost effective and user-friendly checkout experiences.

Industry News


Kroger tests ‘smart’ shopping cart from Caper

Exciting to see Cogito Ventures portfolio company Caper continue to innovate and bring solutions to retailers as they navigate their shoppers through COVID-19 safely and bring delight to the checkout experience.

Facebook Portal gets serious about remote work with BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Webex and Zoom apps

Interesting to see the convergence of software, hardware and telecom during COVID times. Once the smoke clears, there will be interesting cases of success and failure to review.

WSJ: Facial Recognition’s Next Big Play: the Sports Stadium

COVID-19 accelerated adoption from commercial real estate, hoping that they partner with technologies mature enough to provide good user experiences. Otherwise, they will fail and push adoption for other technology behind.